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The thinner our devices become, the less room there is for speakers and other thicker components. Kyocera has a solution, however: it just modified its Smart Sonic Receiver conduction technology for use with conventional, over-the-air audio. The company’s new Smart Sonic Sound device still relies on a piezoelectric actuator, but vibrates against a film to generate as much volume as a regular speaker in a far thinner (under 1.5mm thick) design. The new speaker might even sound better than its traditional counterparts. It delivers full volume and quality in a 180-degree listening arc, and it’s responsive enough to recreate very subtle noises. Smart Sonic Sound is already shipping in LG’s 55-inch curved OLED TV , and Kyocera expects it to reach laptops, tablets and other devices where interior space is valuable. Update: Our colleagues at Engadget Japanese have posted their first-hand look at Kyocera’s speaker technology, complete with a gallery of live photos; we’ve posted two of them here. Filed under: Home Entertainment , Laptops , Tablets , HD , Mobile , LG Comments Source: Kyocera

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Kyocera piezoelectric film speaker delivers 180-degree sound to thin TVs and tablets (update: live photos)

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