Latest version of Denuvo’s DRM cracked yet again


Enlarge / This art for 2Dark also serves as a handy artist’s conception of Denuvo trying to hold off crackers. In the endless back-and-forth war between DRM makers and crackers, it looked like Denuvo had established a temporary beachhead recently. A revamped version of the piracy protection (which the community is referring to as “v4”) had started appearing in a handful of games in recent months, and v4 seemed more resistant to the kind of quick cracks that had plagued titles like Resident Evil 7 and Mass Effect Andromeda , which each ran older Denuvo versions. But the Denuvo beachhead has now been breached, as cracking collective CPY has released a DRM-free version of 2Dark , an Alone in the Dark spiritual successor that launched with v4 Denuvo protection about a month ago. The vagaries of Denuvo mean other games with similar protection (including Dead Rising 4 , Nier: Automata ,   and the recently released Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition ) will still need to be cracked individually. Still, the 2Dark crack proves that the newly revamped version of the DRM is just as breakable as the old version (which was itself considered unbreakable for quite a while). That also means Mass Effect: Andromeda , which had Denuvo v4 patched in alongside other improvements after launch, may soon see a cracked version that includes the game’s post-launch updates. Read 2 remaining paragraphs | Comments

Latest version of Denuvo’s DRM cracked yet again


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