‘Left 4 Dead’ creator releases an unfinished campaign


Now that Turtle Rock Studios is no longer working on Evolve , it has some time on its hands… and it’s giving veteran gamers a treat. If you have a PC copy of the original Left 4 Dead (one of Turtle Rock’s best-known games), you can now install Dam It , an unfinished but playable free campaign that was meant to connect two of the shipping game’s stories ( Dead Air and Blood Harvest ). You start at an airfield and have to make your way through an apple orchard, a ravine, a covered bridge and a campground before a climactic fight at the campaign’s namesake hydroelectric dam. Unlike most other L4D tales, you’re actually encouraged to split up — you just need to stay close enough to offer support in a pinch. When Turtle Rock says “unfinished, ” it means just that. A panic event doesn’t work as intended, zombies don’t always behave as they should and graphics are rough around the edges. You do get two stand-alone survival maps on top of Dam It , though, and the core experience will no doubt be familiar. It’s not the Left 4 Dead 3 you might be hoping for (seriously, Valve, make it happen), but it’s definitely a taste of what the first title could have been like. Via: Polygon Source: Auger Resources

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‘Left 4 Dead’ creator releases an unfinished campaign


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