LinkedIn and Evernote partner to make business cards useful again


Fact: everyone likes doing business with the guy who remembers them. With that in mind, LinkedIn and Evernote just announced a new partnership to bring the Rolodex into the 21st century, and it all starts with a photo of a standard business card. Evernote will instantly digitize it and bring in any relevant LinkedIn info. You’re then given the option to connect with that CEO, secretary or digital prophet on LinkedIn or add their contact info to your address book. However, things get interesting as your business relationship blossoms. Over time, you can add things like audio from a meeting, documents, or even key emails with him or her to the card’s page in Evernote. Evernote and LinkedIn are already in the business of digitizing business cards with Evernote Hello and CardMunch , respectively. However, t oday’s joint effort will ultimately sunset LinkedIn’s offering and bring all those users over to Evernote. Want to give it a try? The feature is available now for iOS, Mac and Windows users, with Android support headed down the pipeline soon. Card scanning is free for everyone for one year (after which it will require a premium Evernote subscription). Existing CardMunch users can port their existing cards into Evernote and score a bonus year of free service before they have to shell out any cash. Image source: Shutterstock Filed under: Software , Mobile Comments Source: Evernote

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LinkedIn and Evernote partner to make business cards useful again


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