Linux Mint 18.1 ‘Serena’ Is Here For Christmas


Long time reader BrianFagioli writes: if you love Linux Mint and use it regularly, I have very good news — version 18.1 ‘Serena’ is finally here. There are two desktop environments from which to choose — Cinnamon and Mate. Regardless of which version you choose, please know that it is based on Ubuntu 16.04, which offers long-term support (LTS). In other words, Linux Mint 18.1 will be supported until 2021. Linux Mint 18.1 comes with the updated Cinnamon 3.2 which looks to be wonderful. The Mint team touts a new screensaver/ login screen in the desktop environment, and yeah, it looks good. Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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Linux Mint 18.1 ‘Serena’ Is Here For Christmas


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