Mantis Vision’s F5 Handheld 3D Scanner for the Field


    f5-live.pngf5-render.pngThe F5 documenting a truck rollover on the street.

    When was the last time you saw a Georges Seurat painting? The father of pointilism pioneered the technique of a canvas full of points to make a complete picture. Like Seurat, the new F5 from Mantis Vision gets the point. The 3D scanner boasts 50,000 points per video frame and sets a new standard for the industry by taking what might be thought as a traditional camcorder recording and translating data into 3D data points. Their tag line “The first 3D Camera for non-experts” seems like one of those marketing catch phrases that seem too good to be true, but rest assured, this product delivers.

    Offering continual 1 hour use, the F5 is lightweight with the two pieces weighing in at 1.7 kg for the Camera and 1.0 kg for the UMPC/data storage and display (Camera-3.74lb; UMPC- 2.20 lb).


    Key features of the F5:
    – MVP Software transfers the 2D coded video to 3D models and also offers the ability to stitch multiple frames together.
    – Supplements hard to reach/see places that spherical 3D scanners can’t.
    – Simultaneous Imaging range: 55 cm – 3.0 m with a Single frame Accuracy: up to 0.5 mm at a range ≤ 1m.
    – The ability to capture reflective models.
    – Very little, if any, prep worked required ahead of time to start scanning.

    Over the past 5 years the accessibility, cost and ease of use of 3D scanners has improved as products appeared on the market with an affordable price tag (under $3k) with the ability to scan color. Designers, engineers and architects already make clay, foam and sketch models to flesh out ideas so it’s only a matter of time until a 3D scanner is added into the process to help bring the analog models into the digital world. With its portability, the F5 can be used in hard to reach places or help to supplement what other scanners might have missed. Take a look after the jump to see actual footage of the F5 in action.


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    Mantis Vision’s F5 Handheld 3D Scanner for the Field


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