MediaPortal 1.2.2 RELEASED!


    1.2.2 is the first MediaPortal release which was developed using GIT. The learning curve is very steep, but the benefits are great!

    We are very happy to present you this new release which focus is to increase the stability of MediaPortal 1.2.

    Partial Changelog:

    • 3772 Weather plugin unable to get data
      Sadly the Weather Channel disabled the free access to their API. This means that MediaPortal (among many other free applications) is no longer able to get data. Unfortunately there is no quick fix for this problem which we could add into an 1.2.x hotfix. A complete rework of the weather plugin is planned for 1.3.0.
      In the meantime, there are other weather plugins available in our Repository. World Weather and BBC Weather seem to be good choices.
    • 3746 DaemonTools won’t unmount an iso file and crash MediaPortal
    • 3760 Playback of Multi File Cue Sheets starts at wrong position
    • 3740 in wrong format
    • 3775 WindowPluginBase incorrectly sets GuiProperties when it is not the ActiveWindow
    • 3752 Cyberlink PDVD (DXVA/HAM/SW) codec version 10/11 are not available in codec configuration
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    MediaPortal 1.2.2 RELEASED!


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