MediaPortal 1.2.3 RELEASED!


    We are very happy to present you this new release which is focused on increasing the stability of MediaPortal 1.2.

    Some significant improvements include:

    • Updated versions of MediaInfo and sqlite. This should give increased stability.
    • Updates to, which should give smoother TV playback.
    • Updates to which allow decoding of EPG data for DVB-T HD channels.

    Full Changelog:

    • 0003738: [MediaPortal 1] Operand size mismatch in the ‘PresentImage’ callback parameters from dshowhelper to MP
    • 0003737: [MediaPortal 1] Video frame size change on TV channel change fails with some decode filters
    • 0003769: [general] Building MediaPortal in x64 environment fails
    • 0003804: [TV Full Screen] Under certain circumstances the wrong teletext subtitles are shown
    • 0003828: [Videos] Update sqlite to latest version
    • 0003827: [Videos] Update MediaInfo to 0.7.54
    • 0003733: [Music] Next track skin properties are not updated if playlist is changed
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    MediaPortal 1.2.3 RELEASED!


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