Microsoft Partners With Baidu, China's Top Search Engine


    countertrolling writes with news that Microsoft has struck an agreement with, the most popular search engine in mainland China, to provide results for English-language queries. From the NY Times:
    “Baidu, which dominates Chinese-language search services here with about 83 percent of the market, has been trying for years to improve its English-language search services because English searches on its site are as many as 10 million a day, the company said. Now it has a powerful partner. 'More and more people here are searching for English terms,' Kaiser Kuo, the company’s spokesman, said Monday. 'But Baidu hasn’t done a good job. So here’s a way for us to do it.' Baidu and Microsoft did not disclose terms of the agreement. But the new English-language search results will undoubtedly be censored, since Beijing maintains strict controls over Internet companies and requires those operating on the mainland to censor results the government deems dangerous or troublesome, including references to human rights issues and dissidents.”

    Read more of this story at Slashdot.

    See the original article here:
    Microsoft Partners With Baidu, China's Top Search Engine


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