Mike Judge’s upcoming HBO comedy ‘Silicon Valley’ gets its first trailer (video)


You can add tech to the list of topics — Hollywood stardom, cable news, Westeros — HBO is diving behind the scenes on, as its new series Silicon Valley will debut April 6th. Mike Judge, who brought the world Beavis & Butthead , Office Space, Idiocracy and King of the Hill , is executive producing and writing the series plus directing the first four episodes. According to the show’s press release, it’s “inspired” by his time as a Silicon Valley engineer in the 80s. This show is a comedy, and it’s focused on several coders living together and working together at large (fictional) tech company while trying to launch their own startup. Silicon Valley’s first full trailer debuted tonight ahead of True Detective (and it’s embedded after the break), give it a peek and see if it’s something you’d watch. Given the pedigree of its backers we’re hoping for something more like Curb Your Enthusiasm or Eastbound and Down than Luck , but it at least has to be better than the Bravo reality TV series it shares a name with. Filed under: Home Entertainment , HD Comments Source: HBO (YouTube)

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Mike Judge’s upcoming HBO comedy ‘Silicon Valley’ gets its first trailer (video)


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