Netflix launches ‘Super HD’ and 3D streaming — but only through certain ISPs


Rumors that Netflix was offering ISPs access to higher quality streams in return for partnering on distribution surfaced early last year , and were followed by the announcement of its Open Connect CDN network in June. Now the full picture has been revealed with the company’s announcement of “Super HD” 1080p and (in the US only, for now) 3D streaming, which comes to its customers at no extra cost, but only on certain devices plugged in to to Open Connect partner ISPs. The hardware list includes PS3, WiiU, Windows 8, Roku, Apple TVs as well as Blu-ray players and smart TVs with 1080p support. According to Netflix, most of its international streams are already going through compatible ISPs, however the only major participants announced in the US currently are Cablevision and Google Fiber. Watch Instantly customers can see if their ISP on the list by visiting the Super HD page and, if it isn’t, they’re encouraged to call and ask for it. Netflix’s ability to manage bandwidth will be increasingly important and the ISPs customers access its with and along with those rankings , “Super HD” is an important lure to get them to play ball. We’ve been seeing some 3D ready titles pop up on the service in the last few weeks and now viewers can access titles like Art of Flight , Immortals and several titles from 3net. According to Dan Rayburn of Streaming Media Blog , the higher-quality encodes are targeted for 7 Mbps, while 3D streams top out at 12 Mbps. One question that lingers is how this quality bump aligns with recent changes some customers have noticed (if X-High suddenly reappears…), but until we get our eyes on the higher quality streams it’s hard to tell. Reed Hastings says he wants all Netflix customers served by Open Connect (whether via colocated appliances or peered at common internet exchanges) as soon as possible — we’ll see if Comcast, Time Warner, Verizon, AT&T and the rest have a similar dream. Continue reading Netflix launches ‘Super HD’ and 3D streaming — but only through certain ISPs Filed under: Announcements , HD Comments Source: Netflix Super HD

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Netflix launches ‘Super HD’ and 3D streaming — but only through certain ISPs


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