Neuro-headsets for under USD 500 could help market research


Add / Remove EEG headsets are invaluable devices, used in hospitals and labs to aid researchers’ understanding of brain activity. Previously, their cost has made them unaffordable to smaller teams, but now Emotiv have developed a range of headset that cost under USD 500. This means that schools, small research programs and individuals can experiment with brain monitoring functionalities. Emotiv’s devices — including the EPOC and the Insight — are both worn on the head. Each wireless headset has multiple channels — the EPOC has 14 EEG channels, while the Insight has five. They can be used for anything from emotion tracking and creating brain maps, to controlling games and smart objects with the wearer’s brain. Additionally, the devices could be used by people with physical disabilities to communicate and interact with their surroundings. Market researchers could also find the headsets useful. EEG works by translating brain activity and facial expressions into readable emotions, so by getting subjects to wear the headsets, the process of screening a new advert or campaign could be streamlined and made more accurate. The Emotiv Insight was crowdfunded on Kickstarter and is now available from USD 358.95. How else could the headsets be used to advance research and experimentation? Website: Contact: The post Neuro-headsets for under USD 500 could help market research appeared first on Springwise .

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Neuro-headsets for under USD 500 could help market research


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