New Photoshop CS6 “Content-Aware” Feature Will Destroy My Billable Hours



    Last month I did a rendering gig for a client that involved blending their design with elements from photos of a competitor’s design and dropping the whole thing into a photorealistic environment. Pretty standard stuff, and I always use Photoshop for these types of jobs. Depending on the objects’ complexity, the requested environment and the clients’ mood, these gigs range in length from the better part of an afternoon to several days, which all adds up to billable hours and me keeping the lights on over here.

    I’ve just discovered Adobe’s new Photoshop CS6 has new “content-aware” move and patch tools that are going to greatly reduce the time needed for those types of jobs. Here’s how they work:

    More on the content-aware move and extend tools after the click…


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    New Photoshop CS6 “Content-Aware” Feature Will Destroy My Billable Hours


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