NVIDIA unveils the GTX Titan, an enormous graphics card that costs $1,000 (eyes-on)


NVIDIA’s GTX Titan is rumor no more , as the American computer hardware company unveiled the superpowerful graphics card this morning. With 2,688 CUDA cores, 6GB of GDDR5 RAM, and 7.1 billion transistors packed into the 10.5-inch frame, Titan’s capable of pushing 4,500 Gigaflops of raw power — NVIDIA’s pitching Titan as the means to “power the world’s first gaming supercomputers.” The company even showed off the Titan in its mightiest form, bootstrapped to two others running together (three-way SLI), which powers graphics showcase Crysis 3 running at its highest settings: a whopping 5760×1080 resolution across three monitors. Of course, a setup like that would cost you quite a pretty penny; just one GTX Titan costs $1,000, not to mention three (nor all the other hardware required to support it). Should you prefer your gaming PCs to not be of the neon-lit, triple GPU, above-$10,000 variety, NVIDIA was also showing off the Titan in a Falcon Northwest boutique PC. The company’s working with a variety of boutique PC makers to incorporate the Titan (see: Maingear ), making NVIDIA’s top of the line a teensy bit more accessible to your average joe. GTX Titan is the new top of the line for NVIDIA, effectively pushing aside the GTX 690 and setting a new benchmark for performance. Of course, with a $1,000 price tag and freedom — nay, encouragement — to tweak its nitty gritty settings, the Titan isn’t really meant for your average anyone. The PC game-playing early adopters, however? Here’s your next GPU. Hopefully you’ve got a big, empty space in your rig, as you’ll need it. The GTX Titan arrives on February 25th for $999. Gallery: NVIDIA GTX Titan Filed under: Misc , Gaming , NVIDIA Comments

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NVIDIA unveils the GTX Titan, an enormous graphics card that costs $1,000 (eyes-on)


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