Old Twitter Email – 160 users after three months!


    To mark the 5th year anniversary of twitter’s launch, I looked back in my email archives, gmail does go back that far! I found a funny email, 3 months after twitter’s first got started. Noah Glass to Odeo 6/22/06 Good News!! Our short code 40404 has now been approved and implemented on most carriers. Verizon, who we were concerned about, cleared yesterday. It looks like we will have the code tested and working on all carriers by mid next week. What does all this mean in the big Ol’ timeline of life? Well, I’ll tell ya. It means that we are one week away from a vocal, visible, actual launch-effort-outward-push type-o-deal. To aid that effort we now have invite via email. I think that this will do a ton to help spread the word of twttr far and wide. We also have personalized url now. Check it out: http://twttr.com/noah. Nice! Also. We currently have 160 beta testers . We receive about 100 status updates per day. We are sending between 800-1000 SMS per day. In the next week, we still have a buncha work to do. But we are SOOOOOOO close. Very exciting. From now on I will keep you updated regularly…..(this was definitely inspired by Ev’s awesome email updates about the work going on with Odeo) Keep twttring! Noah –~–~———~–~—-~————~——-~–~—-~ -~———-~—-~—-~—-~——~—-~——~–~— After three months of running and building twitter, we only had 160 users! Noah started getting that shortcode about the time jack and florian started coding, and it took him 3 months to get in it in place. Before that we were using a pre-paid t-mobile sim in a data modem and a script running windows to handle the sms’s. The bolding of the number of users was in Noah’s original email! We were super excited to have that many users. I was thinking about it, looking at the current Y Combinator companies currently doing their demo day’s and soon 500 startups does the same. What can be accomplished by a small team in 3 months is important, and a lot, but also it’s just a start. Twitter at 3 months old, had no traction. It just got the shortcode to be really used at all. Yet at the time, there was something there, which indicated where things might go. Years of work, focus, and tweaks, and it became a world changing medium. But at the time when twitter would have been doing their demo day, it was just a start, a working system which could on dream of having scaling problems.

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    Old Twitter Email – 160 users after three months!


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