One Ring To Rule It All… By Bluetooth


Get ready for the Internet of Rings . Today’s the last day to jump on the earlybird bandwagon for Ring, which has completely cleaned house over on Kickstarter . In case you missed the digital memo, Ring is a wearable device that allows you to “control anything” and “shortcut everything” (or so its creators at Logbar claim). Enticingly vague promises, backed up by tight tech design and a pretty intense bank of R&D. The innovation at the heart of the device is fine gesture recognition—put it on your finger, tap the side to activate and your finger’s moves are registered and transmitted to the device of choice. From there, you get a lot of functionality: control appliances, send texts, make payments through Ring’s gateway, and get vibration or LED notifications. If you can sync it, you can rule it with Ring. To futz with your Bluetoothed lamp, draw a lamp in the air. To draft a letter, draw a letter and then start spelling. The instant payment feature is a little surprising, but an interesting take on the common interaction. In addition to the “built in” symbols and controls, you can add your own personalized finger-commands. They’re opening the API for app developers who want to get in on the Ring game, and have a store to make Ring-related apps easy to find. The charging dock is pretty boss, and they estimate it can perform about 1, 000 gestures per charge. They’re also offering it in a range of sizes, so you apes and dainty types aren’t out of luck. Onward, to the future! (more…)

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One Ring To Rule It All… By Bluetooth


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