Original iPhone to go the way of the dodo on June 11, 2013


Oh original iPhone, we’ll miss you. Roughly six years after its public launch, the original iPhone is about to become obsolete—at least in Apple’s eyes. Apple reportedly sent out internal documentation to its support partners, which was then passed on to 9to5Mac , detailing which of its products would no longer be considered current or recent devices as of June 11, 2013. The list doesn’t just include the original iPhone, though: it also includes a number of older iMacs, MacBook Pros, Xserves, and PowerBooks. According to the document , products that are considered obsolete—or perhaps for a more tasteful term, “vintage”—cannot be repaired or receive replacement parts unless they’re in the state of California, “as required by statute.” Californians can continue to get service and parts for their obsolete items through Apple retail stores, but the rest of us are pretty much out of luck. Apple notes that obsolete or vintage products can’t be serviced as mail-in repairs to AppleCare, either. This is pretty standard procedure for Apple; the other products in the list are about as old as the original iPhone, and some of them are even older (there’s a Mac mini on the list from 2005, and don’t even get us started on PowerBooks). All we know is that if you’re still actively using an original iPhone, you must have an amazing tolerance for outdated software and slow hardware. Good on you, but perhaps it’s time to think about an upgrade. Read 1 remaining paragraphs | Comments

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Original iPhone to go the way of the dodo on June 11, 2013


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