Over 1M BeautifulPeople Dating Site User Details Leak Online


An anonymous reader writes: Personal information of over one million users stored by popular dating site BeautifulPeople has leaked, and is now accessible online. We already knew that BeautifulPixel.com was hacked (it happened in November 2015), but this is the first confirmation from a security researcher that the details are legitimate. (BeautifulPeople had downplayed it at the time, saying that it was a staging server, and not a production server, that was hacked.) Security researcher Troy Hunt, citing a source, noted that the data has been sold online. The leaked personal information include email addresses, phone numbers, as well as hair color, weight, job and other details.Troy also noted that of the 1.1 million users details, 170 of them have government email addresses. Some of you may remember BeautifulPixel as the creator the “Shrek” virus. Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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Over 1M BeautifulPeople Dating Site User Details Leak Online


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