Panasonic Announces World’s First Rewritable 100GB BDXL Disc


    In July last year, Sharp showed the world’s first triple-layer BDXL discs with 100GB capacity. While the discs were great (and enough to store about 720 minutes of terrestrial digital broadcasting), they weren’t rewritable. But the LM-BE100J BDXL Blu-rays, announced [JP] by Panasonic today, are.

    Panasonic says their made-in-Japan discs come with a “hard coat” to protect your recordings from scratches and dirt (needless to say, you will need a BDXL-compatible Blu-ray recorder to be able to use them).

    The LM-BE100J will hit Japaneses stores on April 15 (price for one disc: around $120).


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