Paying Red-Light Camera Fines Are For Suckers!


    you get a red-light camera ticket? Did you pay the fine? If you did, then
    you’re a sucker.

    That's the message that motorists in Los Angeles got when it was revealed
    that red-light camera fines – some of which were as high as $476 – were
    actually “voluntary.”

    The Los Angeles Times has the story:

    City officials this week spotlighted a surprising revelation involving
    red-light camera tickets: Authorities cannot force violators who simply
    don't respond to pay them. For a variety of reasons, including the way
    the law was written, Los Angeles officials say the fines for ticketed
    motorists are essentially “voluntary” and there are virtually
    no tangible consequences for those who refuse to pay. […]

    Unlike other moving citations, which are issued directly by a police
    officer to a driver who signs a promise to appear in court, red-light
    camera tickets are mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle allegedly
    involved in the violation.

    That has limited the Los Angeles County Superior Court system’s
    willingness to aggressively enforce camera ticket collections for the
    city and 32 other photo enforcement programs in Los Angeles County,
    officials said.

    Under state law, court officials have discretion over how they
    pursue those who do not respond to camera-generated citations. Los Angeles
    County Superior Court officials, as a matter of fairness, said that
    for the last decade they have chosen a less forceful approach partly
    because the person receiving the ticket may not be the person who was
    driving the car.

    (Photo: Glenn Koenig)

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    Paying Red-Light Camera Fines Are For Suckers!


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