Pioneering Link-Sharing Site Shuts Down


Long-time Slashdot reader brentlaminack writes: One of the first and best social bookmarking platforms, has changed hands about four times, one was to Yahoo for > $15M. Its most recent relaunch was over a year back, which was their last blog entry. Now images are broken, little “advertisement” blocks show up with no advertisements, things seem moribund. What’s the deal? The Next Web reports: It’s the end of the road for social bookmarking website After almost fifteen years, the site has been acquired by rival Pinboard, and will be shuttered on June 15, when it goes into read-only mode. While the site will continue to be viewable, users won’t be able to save any new bookmarks. pioneered the social bookmarking paradigm. Its influence can be seen everywhere, from Reddit to Twitter… After was acquired by AVOS Systems in 2011, users fled to Pinboard in droves over complaints AVOS was fundamentally changing the makeup of the site. By purchasing, Pinboard is able to coax the few remaining users to jump ship. Depending on how much Pinboard paid for the site, how many users remain, and how many users Pinboard is able to convert, this could be a financially lucrative move. A Pinboard subscription costs $11 per annum. A late update to the article includes a quote from Pinboard founder Maciej Ceglowski. “In a statement, he said ‘I am the greatest.’ Ceglowski also confirmed the purchase price for, which was $35, 000.” Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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Pioneering Link-Sharing Site Shuts Down


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