“PlayStation 4K” and “Xbox Durango” will be key to Ultra HD adoption


Joseph Dumary Next-gen TV—with a 4K “Ultra HD” picture resolution—was this year’s hot topic at CES . But its success may be in the hands of console gamers. With leaked details of octal-core processor banks paired with 8GB of RAM, the PlayStation 4 “Orbis” is sounding powerful (just for comparison of RAM alone, the 8GB of system memory is roughly 32 times more than the current model). But to see where 4K comes in, it’s worth taking a trip back seven years. In 2005, very few people had an HDTV. According to one study , there were “as many” as 10 million homes with high-definition screens—globally. The problem, according to many commentators, was the lack of HD content: nobody wanted to buy an HDTV because there was little HD content; very little HD content was made because there were very few people to sell it to. Classic catch-22. Read 11 remaining paragraphs | Comments

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“PlayStation 4K” and “Xbox Durango” will be key to Ultra HD adoption


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