Pygmy Rabbits Reintroduced to the Wild


    Ah, here’s a bit of wonderful news apt for Easter: rare pygmy rabbits have pulled back from the brink of extinction and are now being reintroduced back to to the wild:

    First, captive-bred rabbits will be moved to a six-acre enclosure to develop the foraging and burrowing habits needed to survive in the wild while protected from hungry predators. Step by step, the rabbits will move to smaller enclosures while they adjust to the wild, with individual rabbits being released as they become acclimatised.

    Newborns will be better-equipped to deal with the wild than their parents raised in captivity, so those pygmies that give birth in the enclosures will have their offspring released before they adapt to human interaction.

    Paws’ crossed, the Columbia Basin will soon once more be home to a pile of mini-bunnies.


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    Pygmy Rabbits Reintroduced to the Wild


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