Qualcomm’s Toq wants to be your platform-agnostic color smartwatch


Qualcomm Qualcomm became a surprise entrant in the wearable computing race when it announced its Toq smartwatch. Designed as a showcase for some of Qualcomm’s latest technology, the $349.99 Toq will go on sale on December 2nd through its own portal. From a function perspective, Toq follows somewhat worn paths with notifications sent from your phone, music playback controls, and additional data pushed from an on-phone app. Where Toq differs is less in interactions than hardware features. The display Qualcomm chose is its own Mirasol MEMS-based display. In effect, Mirasol is like a mash-up of E Ink and LCD displays, providing a low-power, static color image where appropriate, with video and animation capabilities that exceed those of traditional E Ink displays. Charging your Toq occurs through Qualcomm’s own WiPower LE wireless charging protocol, and the included charger serves as a case as well. Most smartwatches connect primarily through Bluetooth LE; Qualcomm’s Toq also includes access to its open source AllJoyn protocol, which offers a platform-agnostic approach to device-to-device communications. AllJoyn-enabled devices and software can interact with your Toq over WiFi-Direct or Bluetooth. Read 1 remaining paragraphs | Comments        

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Qualcomm’s Toq wants to be your platform-agnostic color smartwatch


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