Quantum dots help return ‘Triluminos’ RGB LED lighting to Sony HDTVs


While 4K TVs are excellent, for the next couple of years most of us will still be selecting a 1080p model when we’re out shopping, and now we’ve got a little more detail about some of the new ones Sony announced last week . After letting its ” Triluminos ” RGB LED lighting technology fall by the wayside after 2009 because of its high cost, Sony has brought the brand back in this year’s HDTVs. Noted in the press release and highlighted today in the MIT Technology Review , this iteration uses QD Vision’s quantum dot technology to enhance the red/green/blue LED backlighting the series is known for. According to the CTO of QD Vision, the TVs start with a blue backlight — instead of the standard white LED — which stimulates quantum dots that emit “pure green and pure red.” Sony was very proud of its Triluminos tech at the show and our experience at demonstrations seemed to validate the quality of the approach. While we’ve been hearing about quantum dots for years , this is reportedly their first appearance in a mass produced consumer product, once it hits homes we’ll be able to tell if the wait was truly worth it. Filed under: Displays , Home Entertainment , HD , Sony Comments Source: MIT Technology Review

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Quantum dots help return ‘Triluminos’ RGB LED lighting to Sony HDTVs


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