RadioShack continues death march, loses $98.3 million in a quarter


On Tuesday, electronics retailer RadioShack reported its quarterly earnings , and the results were not good. The company lost $98.3 million in its first fiscal quarter of 2014, a figure that’s more than triple the loss it sustained in the same quarter last year. Ars put RadioShack on our 2014 “Deathwatch” earlier in January, and not without reason. The retailer has relied on mobile phone sales to buoy it through the hard times and has tried to rebrand itself as the place to shop for Do-It-Yourselfers, stocking its shelves with various Arduino projects. But customers can find the handsets they need in carriers’ shops, and they often choose to buy DIY electronics goods online or in hardware stores. In a press release , the company attributed the quarter results to ” an industry-wide decline in consumer electronics and a soft mobility market which impacted traffic trends throughout the quarter.” Read 3 remaining paragraphs | Comments

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RadioShack continues death march, loses $98.3 million in a quarter


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