Reddit snaps up Alien Blue, makes it the official iOS app


Despite being one of the biggest websites today, Reddit didn’t have an official app and used to rely on the many, many third-party options for its mobile users. We say “didn’t” and “used to, ” because that’s not the case anymore: the startup has just snapped up Alien Blue, its most popular app for iPhones and iPads. The company has been working closely with its sole developer, Jase Morrissey, for years, but they only just made things official after this latest funding round. Reddit’s head of partnership and strategic development Ellan Pao said in an interview: We want to be able to have new features from show up on mobile faster and better. With Alien Blue and Jase, it was getting to a point where it was too much work for one person. He was helping us, we were helping him and the fit was really strong. Want to see how the official version looks? You’ll need to redownload the app even if you’ve been using Alien Blue for a long time — it’s already out on iTunes alongside the official AMA app , but it might take a while before it shows up for you (we’ve had to open the direct link to get it). You can import your old settings by following Reddit’s instructions, though, and you can upgrade to Pro status for free for one week. Also, the iPhone and the iPad apps are two separate versions at the moment, but Reddit plans to eventually merge them to create one universal software. While Alien Blue’s exclusive to iOS users, that doesn’t mean Reddit’s ignoring folks on Android: the company’s currently hiring an Android engineer in San Francisco to develop an app for the platform. Filed under: Cellphones , Mobile Comments Source: Reddit Blog , The New York Times , iTunes

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Reddit snaps up Alien Blue, makes it the official iOS app


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