Remedy aims to surpass L.A. Noire's facial animation


    Remedy aims to surpass L.A. Noire's facial animation screenshot

    Remedy has been hard at work on some supposedly impressive facial animation technology for an upcoming project. According to Edge, the Helsinki studio is confident it can come closer to crossing the “uncanny valley” effect than others have done before.

    The technology created by John Root — who was a lead animator at Midway, Epic Games, and id Software before moving to Remedy — builds upon motion capture by using it as a starting point for generating up to 0.5mm accurate scans of actors, a similar approach to how facial animation was done for Alan Wake. Root claims that from 64 facial poses, every human expression can be derived.

    With those tools in hand animators can then easily edit facial expressions in real time, rather than having to rely on the actor’s performance capture. A future color mapping component is said to yet be included in the tech, which will simulate subdermal blood flow and adjusts the skin’s color when facial skin folds with expressions.

    Speaking to Edge, Remedy CEO Matias “Mulla stondaa Alan Wake” Myllyrinne said that while L.A. Noire has set the bar for facial animation, Remedy is aiming to raise the bar even further. Can’t wait to see that tech implemented in CG hentai.

    Remedy Claims New Tech Raises The Bar For Facial Animation [Edge][Image via Eurogamer]

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    Remedy aims to surpass L.A. Noire's facial animation


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