ResetPlug is a $60 device to keep you trapped in crappy Wi-Fi hell


If you need this, you probably deserve this. (credit: ResetPlug ) It’s Monday night and you finally collapse into your favorite chair after a day that started at 5:00am. The dogs are crated, the kids are in bed, and your spouse has graciously agreed to do dinner clean-up. You lean your head back and sigh. There’s a whole week’s worth of worry stacked up in your forebrain, but for the next 20 minutes, none of it will matter. The tablet is warm in your hands as you tap the Netflix app, and you smile in anticipation of the one truly good thing that you’ll get to experience today. The theme song is already playing in your head: “Un— BREAKABLE! They’re alive, dammit! It’s a mir -a-cle!” For the next 20 minutes, you can escape. …except you can’t, because instead of transporting you away from your worries, the stupid screen is showing a giant-ass error message: “Netflix is not available.” The vein in your forehead—you know the one, right at your hairline—starts throbbing. You can feel it. You know what comes next. You can already see it in your mind. You’re going to have to go upstairs into your youngest’s room—because for some incredibly insane reason the cable drop is in there, which makes you want to find the person who built the damn house and throttle them to death with six feet of coax—and you’re going to have to reach back under the kid’s bed, over the dust and the dog hair and the Lego bricks and broken Star Wars toys and whatever the hell else is under there and find the damn plug for the damn router. After you unplug and plug it back in, you’re going to have to lie there watching the damn lights on the stupid thing blink for minutes—whole minutes!—while your tiny window of Netflix time slowly trickles away. Read 15 remaining paragraphs | Comments

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ResetPlug is a $60 device to keep you trapped in crappy Wi-Fi hell


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