Review: Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium Edition hopes to be at your service


Office 365 Home Premium Edition’s lineup of software, ready to stream to your PC today. Today, Microsoft releases Office 2013—the first full release of Microsoft’s latest-generation productivity suite for consumers. Office 2013 has already made a partial debut on Microsoft’s Windows RT tablets, though RT users will get a (slight) refresh with the full availability of the suite. The company gave consumers an open preview of Office last summer, which we reviewed in depth at the time of the suite’s announcement. So there aren’t any real surprises in the final versions of the applications being releasing today, at least as far as how they look and work. Today’s release, however, marks the first general availability of Microsoft’s new subscription model under the Office 365 brand the company has used for its hosted mail and collaboration services for businesses. While the applications in Office are being offered in a number of ways, Microsoft is trying hard to steer consumer customers to Office 365 Home Premium Edition, a service-based version of the suite that will sell for $100 a year. And just as Windows 8’s app store started to fill up as the operating system approached release, the same is true of Office’s own app store—an in-app accessible collection of Web-powered functionality add-ons for many of the core Office applications based on the same core technologies (JavaScript and HTML5) that power many of Windows 8’s interface-formerly-known-as-Metro apps. Now, the trick is getting consumers to buy into the idea of Office as a subscription service and embracing Microsoft’s Office “lifestyle,” instead of something they buy once and hold onto until their computers end up in the e-waste pile. Read 28 remaining paragraphs | Comments

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Review: Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium Edition hopes to be at your service


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