Safe white light disinfects hospitals around the clock


Add / Remove In certain workplaces, especially hospitals and restaurant kitchens, regular levels of bacteria are unsafe. In the past, UV lighting and chemicals have been used to disinfect fragile areas, but both of these options are unsafe for continuous use. Offering a new solution, Vital Vio is a disinfectant lighting which can reduce harmful micro-organisms by up to 99.9 percent, using harmless white light from specialized overhead light fixtures. Vital Vio’s disinfectant lighting can be installed in thirty minutes anywhere there is a light fixture. Once in place, the system can remain on around-the-clock, providing continuous protection from bacteria such as MRSA, E.Coli and Salmonella for patients and staff. The system uses precision control of LEDs, and integrates the invisible cleansing into white light. Vital Vio can even work with customers to create modified protection — adjusting the color temperature to best suit their environment. Vital Vio offers 90 percent disinfection after just one and a half hours rising to 99.9 percent after 16 hours. While the primary applications for Vital Vio are healthcare and catering environments, the company also suggest implementing it in hotels, gyms and public restrooms — anywhere that bacteria can easily thrive and spread. Where else could the technology be implemented? Website: Contact:

Safe white light disinfects hospitals around the clock


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