Saltwater lamp could replace dangerous kerosene lights


Add / Remove The majority of inhabitants on the Philippines’ 7000 islands do not have access to electricity. Instead, they rely primarily on kerosene powered lamps to provide light sources at night, which are not only hazards and pollutants, but also very expensive and inconvenient to refill. Hoping to provide a solution, SALt is an efficient, safe light source powered by salt and water, which can last for up to six months when used for eight hours a day. The SALt lamp — which stands for Sustainable Alternative Lighting — is an LED light that makes use of the science behind the Galvanic cell (the basis for batteries) and changes electrolytes to a non-toxic, saline solution. Users simply add one glass of water and one tablespoon of salt — saltwater from the ocean can also be used to power the device. SALt is the latest of a number of devices which could help lessen the reliance on kerosene power in disconnected regions. We have also seen solar school backpacks that charge up on the walk home, an energy harnessing musical instrument , and a flatpack biofuel stove . What other sustainable resources could be tapped into for similar purposes? Website: Contact:

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Saltwater lamp could replace dangerous kerosene lights


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