Samsung is building an 11K mobile display that can mimic 3D


While most people are still trying to wrap their heads around 4K displays (and 8K screens aren’t that far off), Samsung is setting up an even more ambitious milestone: It wants to build an 11K mobile display by 2018, reports Korea’s Electronic Times . Yes, 11K! That’s an eye-melting 2, 250 pixels per inch, around four times higher than Samsung’s existing quad-HD mobile displays. Samsung isn’t alone in this crazy experiment either: It’s already teamed up with 13 companies to work on the so-called “EnDK” project, and the South Korean government is investing $26.5 million over five years. So what’s the point of an 11K resolution on mobile, when even 4K seems like overkill? Samsung says that that crazy amount of pixels will give screens a 3D-like effect, likely without the need for wearing glasses. We’ve noticed that the stunning quad-HD displays on Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S slates can sometimes feel three-dimensional with the right content, so there’s a chance Samsung might be onto something by exploring 11K displays. Filed under: Displays , Mobile , Samsung Comments Via: PhoneArena Source: Electronic Times

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Samsung is building an 11K mobile display that can mimic 3D


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