See Ecco the Dolphin swim in a sea of animated glitches


Ecco the Dolphin was undoubtedly one of the trippiest games to emerge from the early ’90s, a psychedelic ocean adventure about Atlantis, time machines and giant crystals whose gameplay was once turned into a six-hour meditation video . But it’s never looked quite as surreal as it does in エコー ザ ドルフィン Ride the C a t a c l y s m , a series of animated gifs created by Brazilian glitch artist Sabato Visconti . Here, Ecco swims amidst jagged waves of pixel flotsam, often coming face to face with himself as he glides through a current of glitches. The series is billed as “an ongoing gif-roman of systemic failure, corrupted oceans, lush aesthetics, and sad dolphins, made with glitched out scenes from the classic Sega Genesis game.” Visconti’s previous glitch-oriented work has focused Donkey Kong Country , J. Crew catalogs , and Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo . See the full gallery of Visconti’s Ecco the Dolphin glitch art here . via Kill Screen

See Ecco the Dolphin swim in a sea of animated glitches


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