Seiki brings a $1,500 55-inch 4K set to Sears stores


It’s not quite an impulse buy, but it’s getting close. And hey, who’s to say we wouldn’t swing by the electronics section after picking up a couple of power tools? Just in time for the holidays, Seiki’s rolling out a 55-inch 4K set for the nice price of $1, 499 — a followup to the $700 39-incher we saw back in June . And look, the company’s even tossing in a USB port and an HDMI 1.4 cable in for good measure. Can’t beat that. Interested parties will have pop into a Sears or visit the store’s site to take Seiki up on its offer. Filed under: Home Entertainment , HD Comments

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Seiki brings a $1,500 55-inch 4K set to Sears stores


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