Smithsonian goes 3D


Jessica Sadeq from the Smithsonian shares big news–the Institution has launched the Smithsonian X 3D Collection and 3-D explorer . They’ve gathered data on some of the most treasured items in the archives, and they’re encouraging people who work with 3D printers to help them explore new ways of using the data. Our team scanned 20 of our collection items (The Wright Flyer, a fossil whale and even an exploded star!) in 3D and have made the data available for download (and print for those with 3D printers). You can also take tours and explore the models through a custom built viewer that is embeddable and shareable. Take a look: . The announcement kicks off the Smithsonian X 3D Conference, a two-day event focused on the current state of the Institution’s 3-D program and where 3D digitization of objects in its collection is headed. A webcast of the conference is available.        

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Smithsonian goes 3D


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