Spotify just bought the company that powers most online radio


Spotify now owns The Echo Nest , better known as ” the company that powers the vast majority of internet radio .” That includes competing services like Pandora, Twitter Music, Rdio and more. But today’s news doesn’t necessarily mean that those services will lose support from Echo Nest’s API, as Spotify’s news announce today says, “The Echo Nest API will remain free and open to support its robust developer ecosystem.” The Echo Nest is staying in Somerville, Mass., with employees assuredly making Revolutionary War jokes every now and again to their Spotify counterparts in England. It’s not clear just yet what this will mean for Spotify Radio, but there’s this one oblique line about the acquisition’s potential impact: “The addition of The Echo Nest to Spotify will also strengthen Spotify’s ability to help brands and partners build amazing music experiences for their audiences.” Sure! Anyway, Spotify now owns the company that powers most of your internet radio. Take that as you will. Filed under: Software , Mobile Comments Source: Spotify

Spotify just bought the company that powers most online radio


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