Startup wants to raise $1.8 million to build giant fighting robots


The folks at MegaBots Inc. dream of making humongous machines: 15-foot-tall, 15, 000-pound piloted robots to be exact. And they don’t want to build them for rescue missions or military use — nope, these robots are designed to duke it out in an arena à la Real Steel , except instead of using fists, they shoot each other with high-powered paint guns. A now-defunct convention called RoboGames used to have a real-life robot combat event, but this startup’s plans are obviously a lot grander in scale. Each MegaBot is big enough to carry a pilot and a gunner within its body (just like in mecha anime), with the latter in charge of firing paint-filled projectiles going at 120 mph at their opponents. While all these giant fighting robots deal sound too unreal, the team has managed to build a prototype upper body, arm, gun placement and weapon system these past months. The startup obviously still needs a ton of cash to make its fantastical dreams come true, though, so it’s trying to raise a whopping $1.8 million via Kickstarter . In case it does reach its goal, the money will be used to build two robots and make them “fight to the death, ” or more like fight until the other’s armor and panels start coming off. A very generous $10, 000 pledge will get your logo emblazoned on one of the MegaBots. But if you’d rather own it yourself, well, you’ll have to empty your coffers, so to speak, as a single one will cost you $1 million. Filed under: Robots Comments Source: Megabots , Kickstarter

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Startup wants to raise $1.8 million to build giant fighting robots


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