Tesla Superchargers now cover drives from coast to coast


Tesla’s Superchargers , which can provide up to 170 miles of range with just a 30-minute charge, now cover trips between Los Angeles and New York, Elon Musk tweeted yesterday . The somewhat circuitous route brings drivers through states like New Mexico, South Dakota and Wisconsin during a journey from LA to NY, rather than the more direct I-40, I-70 or I-80 options that run farther south, so expect the cross-country adventure to take a bit longer than usual if you’re setting out within the next few months. Tesla will be adding many more Superchargers throughout this year, however, eventually enabling a more direct routing. And, come 2015, the entire country will be covered, making it possible to visit all 50 states and parts of Canada without going out of your way for a charge. Filed under: Transportation Comments Via: Bloomberg Source: Tesla

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Tesla Superchargers now cover drives from coast to coast


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