Tesla’s long-delayed Model X SUV is testing in California


It may look like a Prius that’s been vomited on by Mad Max, but the vehicle you see in the clip below is probably Tesla’s long-delayed Model X SUV . You see, when companies begin stress-testing vehicles, they dress them down with a dodgy paint job and go riding out a deserted airfield, like the one at the old naval base in Alameda. No amount of weird paint, however, could disguise the latest all-electric vehicle to roll off the production line, especially one as long-awaited as the X. It’s been a long road, getting from there to here. The Model X was originally announced back in 2012 , but by the start of 2014, issues with the battery meant the date was pushed back to early 2015. Then, back in November , Elon Musk revealed that the company was having difficulty mass producing components for the falcon-winged vehicle, pushing the launch date back to the tail-end of 2015. If the company is feeling bullish enough to let its high-riding whip out in public, then perhaps he’ll make that deadline. It looks like, despite the heftier build, that the Model X will still be mightily fast, let’s just hope that the company puts Insane Mode as a button right on the steering wheel. Filed under: Transportation Comments Via: TechCrunch

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Tesla’s long-delayed Model X SUV is testing in California


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