Thanko Sells HD Video Camera Sunglasses


    Do you want to wear sunglasses while being able to shoot videos in a discreet way at the same time? Tokyo-based crazy gadget maker Thanko seems to think there are people who need their HD Video Camera Sunglasses [JP]. The device’s 5MP CMOS camera lets you take AVIs in 1,280×720 resolution at 30fps – handsfree.

    Pictures (JPEGs) can be shot in 4,032×3,024 resolution. The material can be stored on microSD cards (32GB max., the sunglasses feature a slot) and later be transferred to a computer via USB 2.0. Thanko says about 1.4GB are enough to store about 10 minutes of HD video.

    The sunglasses are already on sale on Thanko’s Japanese website (price: $74). Ask online store Geek Stuff 4 U if they can get one shipped to you in case you live outside Japan.

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    Thanko Sells HD Video Camera Sunglasses


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