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The Fangweng Restaurant

Posted by kenmay on March - 11 - 2013

The Fangweng Restaurant in Hubei Province, China, is located conveniently near the popular Sanyou Cave tourist destination. But what may strike you as more impressive is that the eatery appears to hang on the side of a cliff! If you didn’t know this ahead of time, you might be surprised, because the entrance gives no clue. You must walk down a passageway that juts out over the Happy Valley of the Xiling Gorge to get to the dining hall. Once there, most of the tables are safely inside a cave, with just a few on a ledge over the chasm. Read about this restaurant and see more pictures at Spot Cool Stuff. Link -via the Presurfer (Image credit: Flickr user Reza Ahmed )

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The Fangweng Restaurant

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