The iPhone 5/4S: The Complete Rumor Rundown



    Apple is less than 24 hours away from announcing the next iPhone. Unlike previous announcements, this show will be intimate and small, held at Apple’s HQ rather than a large venue like the Moscone Center. Most important, Steve Jobs isn’t headlining the show; although, if rumors are to be believed, he might make a cameo. Apple’s latest commander and chief, Tim Cook, is expected to lead the charge at what will likely amount to one of the biggest Internet traffic days of the year.

    Apple is rather tardy releasing this latest iPhone, missing its traditional summer launch date by a good two months. However, if the rumor mills are to be believed, there, the new iPhone will be very similar to the old iPhone – except where it isn’t. We compiled all of the rumors here along with stating the viability for each. Some are wide-eyed, others are realistic, while some are pure fanboy fantasy.

    The iPhone 4S Will Be A Less Expensive iPhone


    • Numerous leaked SKU line ups with iPhone prototypes that are made of just plastic rather than glass and aluminum found in Brazil.
    • Apple would completely disrupt Android and Windows Phone 7 by selling a new iPhone at $100 or less.
    • The iPhone 4 still packs enough computing power for most users.


    • Unsubstantiated leaks cannot be trusted

    Judgment: The stars just seem aligned for this one. The iPhone 4 is still a hot phone despite being over 15 months old. Apple just needs to repackage the current hardware into a less expensive body to completely demolish the competition.

    Redesigned, thinner iPhone 5


    • Countless thinner cases have leaked over the previous months all purportedly


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