The Passport Map: Who Travels Among Americans


    I always thought that if someone wanted to counter the agenda of the forces in our country peddling fear and make America more progressive and open to the world, they would simply give people determined to build walls passports and plane tickets. I’ve also thought that about the best investment the rest of the world could make in the interest of everyone’s well-being would be to establish a fund to give each American a trip to a foreign land of their choice (not Canada) upon graduation. This map shows a hard-to-refute correlation to percent of population with passports and political persuasion. It also shows a economic correlation between those who travel and those who don’t. I’m not sure what conclusions to draw from this, but it is thought-provoking. Does travel make someone more savvy about politics or more mixed up? Or is this just a quirky coincidence with no real meaning?

    The Passport Map: Who Travels Among Americans


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