The second ‘StarCraft II’ expansion arrives November 10th


It’s been a long time coming, but the second StarCraft II expansion is nearly here: Blizzard has announced that Legacy of the Void will arrive on November 10th. As with both the original game ( Wings of Liberty ) and Heart of the Swarm , this latest title will focus primarily on one species. In this case, you’re reuniting the mysterious Protoss so that they can confront a dire threat and reclaim their homeworld. You’ll also get new units for all factions, and there are fresh multiplayer modes that include shared bases and objective-based co-op. It’s not really a revolution, then. However, this also represents the end of the StarCraft II story line — if you’re determined to see the conclusion to Blizzard’s five-year sci-fi saga, you’ll want to check this out. Filed under: Gaming Comments Via: Kotaku Source: , BusinessWire Tags: activision, blizzard, gaming, legacyofthevoid, starcraft, starcraft2, starcraftii, starcraftiilegacyofthevoid, video

The second ‘StarCraft II’ expansion arrives November 10th


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