Tool personalizes automated outreach emails


Add / Remove Cold emails — outreach messages sent by companies to prospective clients — inevitably end up reading like they were composed by a machine rather than a person, which makes them much more alienating to the reader. Now, Woodpecker is a tool designed to help companies streamline their cold emailing, while also retaining a personal touch. To begin, users import their contact list and provide an initial opening messaging. The tool then adapts the message for each email, personalizing it to the recipient. Users can monitor their email campaign, seeing how many messages have been delivered, opened and replied to. They can also line up different follow-up emails for those who reply and those who don’t, automating that process too. Woodpecker is one of a number of marketing tools that enable automation to be more personalized. What other time-consuming tasks could be managed in such a way? Website: Contact: The post Tool personalizes automated outreach emails appeared first on Springwise .

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Tool personalizes automated outreach emails


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