Torrent search engine BTJunkie voluntarily shuts down


    Torrent search engine BTjunkie is the latest file-sharing
    service to fall on its sword in the wake of the
    Megaupload sting
    . Junkie, one of the largest BitTorrent
    indexes, decided to shut down voluntarily.

    A statement on the
    reads, “This is the end of the line my friends. The
    decision does not come easy, but we’ve decided to voluntarily shut
    down. We’ve been fighting for years for your right to communicate,
    but it’s time to move on. It’s been an experience of a lifetime, we
    wish you all the best!”

    The site was never directly targeted by copyright holders, an
    unnamed BTJunkie founder
    TorrentFreak. However, the site was reported to
    the US Trade Representative (USTR) in 2011, the
    listed the torrent index as a ‘rogue’ site, and Google
    the search term.

    Despite avoiding legal attention so far, the site’s founder told
    TorrentFreak that the legal action against file-sharing
    sites Megaupload and The Pirate Bay played an important role in its

    Online storage locker Megaupload was
    seized and shut down
    by the US Department of Justice in January
    2012, for allegedly breaching copyright infringement law. The
    site’s staff members were arrested and founder Kim Dotcom was
    recently been
    denied bail

    Meanwhile, the founders of The Pirate Bay were arrested for
    copyright infringement in 2009. This month, the supreme court of
    made the ruling final
    , and announced that the founders will not
    be able to appeal their months-long prison sentences or combined
    fines of 46 million kronor (around $6.83 million).

    In response to Megaupload’s shutdown, a raft of popular Web
    lockers have
    neutered the ability to share files
    with others. FileSonic,
    FileServe and all cut off file-sharing in the days
    after Megaupload was seized.

    The Pirate Bay, on the other hand, moved its domain name from
    .org to the Swedish .se. A Pirate Bay insider
    TorrentFreak that this was to prevent US
    authorities from seizing the popular domain.

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    Torrent search engine BTJunkie voluntarily shuts down


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