Toshiba’s Satellite Click detachable PC promises better graphics than your typical budget system


We get it: speeds and feeds aren’t everything. But this might be a rare case where a chip could actually make the whole story. Toshiba announced the Satellite Click today, and until you get to the spec sheet, it reads like a totally forgettable product. What we have here is a 13-inch detachable tablet with a 500GB hard drive inside the tablet and an extra battery inside the keyboard dock. Sounds like lots of other things you’ve read about, right? Well, lo and behold, the Click is actually one of the first products to ship with AMD’s Temash chip, whose graphics prowess we showed you back at CES . To be fair, this is a dual-core 1GHz A4-1200 processor with AMD Radeon HD 8180 graphics, not the quad-core one we demoed earlier. Even so, the general concept is the same: this is a system-on-a-chip tailored for tablets that makes use of AMD’s 28nm Graphics Core Next architecture, which you’ll also find inside some of AMD’s discrete GPUs. Depending on the exact chip, Temash promises to compete with Intel’s Atom processors as well as its Core i3 series. Unlike a Core i3 tablet, though, Temash allows for a fanless design, more akin to what you’d expect from an Atom or ARM-powered device. Also, it drives down the cost. The Click will go for about $599, making it $150 cheaper than the Core i3-powered HP Split x2 , which also has a 13-inch screen, dual batteries and a 500-gig hard drive in the dock. Granted, there are likely to be tradeoffs, and we suspect battery life could be one of them, if not speed. A Toshiba rep estimated runtime at three to four hours for the tablet only, and six to seven hours with the dock. That wouldn’t match up well against a new Haswell hybrid but then again, some of its competitors (like the Split x2) are based on Ivy Bridge, which isn’t so hot in the longevity department either. The Click will be available later this month exclusively at Best Buy and on Toshiba’s site. Hopefully, though, we’ll get some hands-on time later this week and see whether its graphical might is as great as promised.%Gallery-slideshow77126% Filed under: Tablets , AMD Comments

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Toshiba’s Satellite Click detachable PC promises better graphics than your typical budget system


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