Toyota’s Killer Firmware


New submitter Smerta writes “On Thursday, a jury verdict found Toyota’s ECU firmware defective, holding it responsible for a crash in which a passenger was killed and the driver injured. What’s significant about this is that it’s the first time a jury heard about software defects uncovered by a plaintiff’s expert witnesses. A summary of the defects discussed at trial is interesting reading, as well the transcript of court testimony. ‘Although Toyota had performed a stack analysis, Barr concluded the automaker had completely botched it. Toyota missed some of the calls made via pointer, missed stack usage by library and assembly functions (about 350 in total), and missed RTOS use during task switching. They also failed to perform run-time stack monitoring.’ Anyone wonder what the impact will be on self-driving cars?” Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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Toyota’s Killer Firmware


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