Tupac ‘hologram’ merely pretty cool optical illusion


    Hip-hop fans are dropping their collective jaws as word of the Tupac “hologram” is ricocheting around the Internet. As seen in the five-minute video, a three-dimensional Shakur is seen, shirtless, moving across the stage, and even greeting the crowd at the beginning with a stunning voice that sounds an awful lot like Tupac himself: “What the [f] is up, Coachella?”

    The virtual rendition of the late rapper then proceeds to do renditions of two classic ‘Pac tracks, “Hail Mary” and “2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted,” while gesturing and walking back and forth across the stage in an extremely lifelike manner, replete with Thug Life tattoos and his characteristic necklace. Twitter, unsurprisingly, has been abuzz with chatter—spawning an admittedly hilarious new account: @HologramTupac: “Anybody got a spare 54 AA sized batteries? I think Snoop done smoked my charger. #PlugLife”

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    Tupac ‘hologram’ merely pretty cool optical illusion


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